Minimalist equestrian sketch of a horse portrait by equine artist Danielle Demers - horse head detail

about the artist

danielle demers

Drawing inspiration from historical work as well as her time living abroad in London, equine artist Danielle Demers creates delicate, feminine art that celebrates the beauty and sense of belonging we find with horses.

"My work is inspired foremost by horses and art, but these passions were shaped by the strong feminine influences of childhood. My mother’s love for horses and my grandmother’s love for art intertwined to shape my identity, and later, my work. "

– Danielle Demers
Equine artist Danielle Demers sketching a horse in her studio
Photo by Nicole Gearty Photography

Although she holds a BA in Art Education and an MFA with a concentration in Painting, Danielle doesn't limit her work to any specific medium. Every piece begins in her studio as a pencil sketch, and from there may evolve into anything from a needlepoint canvas to a linocut print.

"My art is always evolving, always changing and shifting as I weave new threads of inspiration into my collections. I enjoy keeping my work fresh, continually trying out new media and techniques."

– Danielle Demers
Soft warm equestrian art portrait drawing by Danielle Demers - horse face detail

Outside of her studio, Danielle can be found spending time with her family, getting lost in a book, exploring antique & thrift shops, or working on her latest needlepoint.