Fine art photography print of a white horse against a black background by Janine Ulbrich - horse head detail

about the artist

janine ulbrich

German photographer Janine Ulbrich has captured soulful images of horses around the world. Her signature style is driven by a desire to recreate and express the emotions that horses are capable of inspiring in all of us.

"I like to show the whole range of emotions that we humans, and also animals, can go through... I cherish the moment I realized that my photos don't have to be happy all the time. As long as the emotion feels authentic, I like to express it through my art."

– Janine Ulbrich
Black and white fine art equine photography by Janine Ulbrich - horse detail

"This photo shows Cielo, an Andalusian gelding, dancing between light and shadows. For me, this is what photography is about: Capturing everything that happens between light and darkness."

-Janine Ulbrich

When other photographers are worrying about keeping up with the latest camera technology, Janine prefers to focus on the art itself:

"I have to admit that I'm very minimalistic in my photography. I only work with one camera and two lenses... I would much rather focus on the emotional impact my art, and not the technical aspects. My gear is just tools I work with." ~ Janine Ulbrich

Janine has been a dedicated horse girl since childhood. Horses were her first photography subjects, helping her to hone her skills and inspiring her to develop her own creative style.

Black and white fine art photography print of Icelandic horses by Janine Ulbrich - mare and foal detail

When asked if she has a favorite photo, Janine beautifully describes what her photography means to her as an artist,

"I couldn't decide which is my favorite... each and every one is a part of my soul made visible." ~ Janine Ulbrich

Outside of photography Janine is a student, studying social & gender studies as well as linguistics.

Circular black and white headshot of German equine fine art photographer Janine Ulbrich
photo by Theresa Tietz

work with Janine

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