Minimalist equestrian photography art print of Saratoga racehorses by Kate Stephenson

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kate stephenson

Kate Stephenson, an equine photographer from the US, crafts images designed to be admired as fine art prints. Her work, inspired by her affection for horses and her knack for interior design, is thoughtfully created to add vibrancy and appeal to an variety of spaces.

"I specialize in fine art photography exploring equestrian subject matter with a modern twist... My mission is to create conversation-starting pieces for kick-ass spaces"

– Kate Stephenson
Fine art equine photography print of a dark bay thoroughbred horse against a blue background by Kate Stephenson

Kate has always been driven by creativity, but it was in her early teens that she truly fell in love with photography. Throughout high school, she soaked up everything she could about composition and how to make magic with a DSLR camera. Her distinctive style grew from hands-on experimentation and a bold willingness to explore. As her skills sharpened, so did her artistic voice, evolving into the unique expression it is today.

Kate's love for horses has been a lifelong passion. She's been horse-crazy since she could walk, starting riding lessons at six and never looking back. Horses have always been a huge part of her life, both personally and in her art.

When she got her first horse at 14, it was the beginning of a deep, creative partnership. Now, nearly 16 years later, that horse still plays a starring role in her life and art.

Minimalist fine art equine photography print of Thoroughbred yearlings in Saratoga by Kate Stephenson

When she's not behind her camera, you can find Kate riding one of her horses, assisting with the NY chapter of New Vocations Racehorse Adoption, and acting as the Ecommerce Manager for Herm Sprenger's US market.

Profile photo of US equine and equestrian fine art photographer Kate Stephenson

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