Black and white fine art photography print of a white horse in motion by Anna Archinger

about the artist

anna archinger

Anna Archinger is a Denmark-based equine photographer whose work stands out for its emotional depth and unique perspective. Her distinctive style is driven by her passion for equestrian training and the academic art of riding, with a focus on the movement and expressive nature of horses.

"I get inspired by life itself. I have always been that kind of person, someone who could rave over the simplest things. Like a child, I can admire the little details in life. This is my biggest inspiration and strength."

– Anna Archinger
Black and white fine art equine photography of a white horse in motion by Anna Archinger

Although her photography has earned her international attention, Anna's creative journey is a relatively fresh one, beginning in 2019 with the impulsive purchase of a second-hand camera. Once Anna began photographing horses, she was hooked.

"Photography is my medium of capturing and honoring horses... Honestly, without horses, I probably wouldn't be a photographer today."

- Anna Archinger

Anna's connection to horses is profound, and she is drawn not only to their elegance and character but also to the challenges they present as subjects. Anna's "Spirit in the Dark" series has tremendously impacted her work, and Anna credits the series with teaching her to trust herself and her artistic vision.

Committed to allowing viewers the freedom to interpret her work in their own way, Anna's work seeks to evoke a spectrum of emotions without predetermination. The most memorable responses to her work come from her clients, whose emotional reactions and appreciation provide her with the greatest sense of achievement.

Dramatic black and white equestrian photography of a horse galloping in the darkness by Anna Archinger

When she's not behind the camera, Anna enjoys spending time with her family and animals.

Profile photo of equine photographer Anna Archinger standing with her camera and a Friesian horse at sunset.

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