black and white photo of the shadow of a horse jumping over an oxer by Morgan German

about the artist

morgan german

Equine photographer Morgan German eschews the notion that photography requires expensive equipment. Armed with nothing but her iPhone and keen eye for composition, Morgan's photography exquisitely captures the excitement, drama, and fun that takes place at equestrian competitions.

"When people look at my work I hope it brings them back to a time when they rode horses. I hope it makes them think of long days at the horse show, the leather of the tack, the sounds of the ring, the smells and the sights of a horse show."

– Morgan German
Black and white equine photo art print of a horse being hosed down after competing at a horse show by Morgan German

Although she grew up riding horses, Morgan put her passion on hold as an adult on a budget. But, once a horse girl, always a horse girl! Morgan soon found photography as the perfect way to keep horses in her life, and her creative talent has since taken her everywhere from prestigious shows in the US to the Global Champions Tour in Lausanne, Switzerland.

"Ever since I can remember I have been involved in the equine world in some way. I fell in love with photography. I grew up studying books by Ansel Adams and reading National Geographic. "

– Morgan German
black and white fine art photo of horses lined up outside the arena at a horse show - mobile

Morgan's work is a testament to the fact that a camera is only as good as the photographer behind it. Her Instagram account has encouraged countless other creative equestrians to pursue their passion with whatever camera they have handy - because neither horses nor art should be inaccessible to the people they inspire.